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december 2019: NEW album


Free at last! Yes, you CAN... listen for free to The Bacum's latest release... CAN

Contract obligations forced the band to record another album before hitting stardom.

This time the group explores new genres hoping someone will notice, even lawyers.

So, treat yourself with a cuppa and be ready to enjoy this journey because after all, beauty in life might as well be a tin can.

FIRST SINGLE RELEASE 2019... OF THE NEW album... now!!!


This is the first single released from the 8 song album CAN.

This time the album will be released in instalments of one song per month.

This song was originally intended in french. We don't know what it's all about but we are sure when we wrote it, it made sense. We hope that's the case with you, my dear.



This second track is about being lost/to lose and there is nothing to rejoice about it, so don't you dare.

While the chorus was written in a blink, the verses took some time. It was the first song to be specifically written for this album so it still carries a bit of the lush production of previous releases.

this piece of news is old, so it's oldS not newS



After our first album ALL was released in 2015, we started working on the follow-up but life's rich pageant took us away for some moons.

Now it should be about time for a third release but we were advised to publish one in between the two (commonly referred as "the second"), to which, after some internal debate, we agreed.

So by the end of 2017 we proudly announce that the predecessor of our third album is released by the title of BEAUTYa tight album where genres and languages aren't a concern.

We recommend listening to it with a cup of tea and cucumber sandwiches, as per our usual custom.

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